About Daibutsu Music // Audio Colophon


The Daibutsu Music sound is always evolving and changing. We use several apps and gear to bring our music, our soul, and our passion to the world. Below is a listing of what we use to do it.


Apple Macintosh Computers // Mac OS X // https://www.apple.com/mac/
While it's really the talent behind the tools we use, the tools themselves do make a difference. Not by name, or status, but by the output. For us, Apple is our computer/tool of choice. We need to be able to get from A to B and back again without having to worry about the OS getting in the way. And if it does (which it rarely does for us), we know what we need to do. If you're looking to really dig into your music, you'll see that you truly get what you pay for. Worth saving your money for the best tool for the job. Period.

Focusrite // Scarlett 6i6 // http://www.focusrite.com/
Focusrite makes some seriously nice devices, and the one I now use is the Scarlett 6i6. This box has is as clean as my Apogee Duet 2 (for me anyway), and it didn't break the bank to get either. It came with some mastering plug-ins from Softube, and some from Focusrite too, and they're really nice. I used them on some new tracks recently and they really shine!! Head to Guitar Center and get yours!

Apple Logic // Mastering // https://www.apple.com/logic-pro/
Having started writing music with GarageBand in 2004, a fellow producer friend, Leigh suggested that I start looking a Logic. While back then it was daunting to look at, over the years Apple has tweaked it quite well into its current form. While I can write in Logic, I have come to love it's EQ tools, and compressors for their subtlety. We currently use it for mastering our work.

Ableton Live 9 Suite // Production // https://www.ableton.com/en/live/new-in-9/
After working in Logic, I had heard about a new tool that allowed you to really create quickly and on the fly, add new parts. It was called Ableton Live 7. Once I got my hands on it, it took a little bit to break out of the "arrangement-first" style that most DAWs start us with. But, thanks to Dennis DeSantis' video of creating a song from absolute zero in minutes, I knew I had to stick with it. So glad I did! All of our songs are written and produced in Ableton now, and the ability to maneuver around gets better with every release. I recently picked up a Push 2 controller, and wow... Being able to create without looking at the computer and grabbing for a mouse is incredible. It really allows for the creativity to flow from my head to the speakers! Thanks Dennis for the nudge to keep going and a incredible book, and to Ableton, for making easy to use, amazing, kick-ass tools! Danke! Danke! Danke!

Native Instruments // http://www.native-instruments.com/
Nowadays you almost can't mention music production, DJing, or rhythm/percusion sequencing without mention Native Instruments' Komplete series of plugin instruments and tools for sound shaping and design, Traktor for DJing, or Maschine, the beat-makers weapon of choice. I was lucky enough to see Tangerine Dream before Edgar Froese (one of the founders) died, and it turns out, that they've been using NI software longer than almost anyone. We're in great company there! Traktor DJ and their Kontrol S4 MK1 is what we use to put out BUDDHA BEATS, and Maschine is what we use to put the beats down in our own productions. There isn't a song we haven't used one of their amazing Komplete plugin instruments in. Save your cash now, their products just keep getting better and better! Thanks NI!

M-Audio // Various // http://www.m-audio.com
M-Audio has been there since the '04 GarageBand days for me, and I trust the gear they make. I haven't had one of their products go bad on me yet, and if it does, I know replacing it won't cost an arm and a leg. Head to a Guitar Center nearest you to try them out in person, so you get a feel for what you like. Nothing worse than buying a new piece of kit, and you get stymied trying to create. You'll think it's you, when it may actually be the tool. I have never had this issue with any of M-Audio's gear. Seek them out.

Yamaha HS50M // Studio Monitors // See them here
Having read about the original Yamaha NS10M monitors, and how revered they were, when the HS50Ms came out, I immediately wanted to hear them. While they may not have a lot of bass (some people say they have none - guess it depends really...), they get you to really think about how your sound will translate to other speaker systems. PAs, Clubs, crappy in-ear and bluetooth headphones all sound different. Getting it to maintain your frequencies is an artform unto itself. These, while not cheap, are worth every penny. Want more bass? Check the HS80Ms. Just make sure you have room for them!