About Daibutsu Music


Daibutsu Music is the brainchild of Brian K. James, known to the Philadelphia DJ scene as "The Engineer". Having modest beginnings by DJing at the now defunct Agent Aloha clothing store on South Street, then moving into the club circuit with the Reflective Crew, Brian felt (and still feels) compelled to leave his mark on Philly's club scene not just by showing up unexpectedly at random events, or DJing a party, but by composing music for the scene from scratch.

Combining styles from the electronic dance music realm with some ethnic flavor woven in for good measure, Brian seeks to create music that keeps you from sitting down, keeps you relaxed, and most importantly, keeps you dancing long after the last notes or turntable scratches have ended.


In 1992, he bought his very first Technics SL1200 turntable, determined to be apart of the rave scene landscape. Soon after he bought his second one and began practicing to be a nightclub DJ.

By 1993, he had spent the better part of a year practicing before he got his very first gig in Philadelphia, at Agent Aloha on South Street. He made and sold many mixtapes, and was asked to join The Reflective DJ Crew, and together, they helped open a club called: "Motion Nightclub", a place that could hold 2,200 people.

In 2004, Apple released GarageBand, and it was finally his chance at writing his own music. Brian didn't want to cover only one style, he wanted to hear ambient, and chill styles, as well as house and techno. So, he realized he needed to become the change he wanted to see in the world, and eventually moved to Logic Pro, where his initial body of work was written.

In 2008, Brian was fortunate enough to visit Japan for a week. This trip had literally changed his life. It's also how he came up with the imprint's name: "Daibutsu", which means "Big Buddha" in Japanese. The music he writes stems from the time he spent in front of this giant statue in Kamakura, Japan. A place that once you visit it, you will understand.

Present Day
Today, Brian uses both Logic Pro, Ableton Live, and Native Instruments' Maschine to bring the sounds in his head to fruition. He still wants to give back to the scene that gave him so much back then. He would like to know he left Earth in a better state than when he arrived, musically.

In the future...
He sees his music being used in other areas, as well as the dancefloor. He'd love to hear his music in video games and movies someday. If it helps someone have a better day than they are currently having, then his overall mission was a success.