Electric Zoo 2015 — Day One


source: Brian K. James

Electric Zoo — Day One


It's that time again. Time to head to The Zoo, Electric Zoo. The annual dance music festival held on Randall Island Park on Labor Day Weekend (Sept. 4, 5, and 6). Having been to EZoo the last three years, the last time Day 3 actually happened was in 2012. I'm happy to announce that the "Day 3 Curse" is finally over! Here's how it all went for us this year!

Who we saw at EZoo: Day One

01. Marco Bailey (MB Electronics)

Marco had the Sunday School Tent properly lit up with searing hot techno and killer bass. I have been purchasing his tracks on Wasabeat and Beatport for a little while, and have had one of his tracks on my BUDDHA BEATS podcast. It was awesome to hear him play "Sniper" live at the Zoo! He annihilated the room. Check the photo below. The video is located on our YouTube channel.


Marco Bailey @ Electric Zoo 2015

02. Carlo Lio (Drumcode)

Being the techno nerd that I am, I totally missed the fact Carlo Lio was even on Drumcode, so it was a nice surprise to hear him live. He kept the floor moving, and everyone was heading to the Sunday School Tent to witness the onslaught of insane beats he unleashed on the crowd. He had me dancing so much, I only managed to get the below photo. I didn't get any video. If anyone wants to contribute their video of Carlo killing it, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Carlo Lio going all in @ Electric Zoo 2015

03. Repete

After being exhausted from hammering the grass back into the ground from dancing, we left the Sunday School Tent looking to get something to eat and drink. We headed over to the VitaminWater Treehouse area to see what they had to offer. They gave us free VitaminWater in exchange for high fives. Nice. All while that was happening, in the swanky little Treehouse DJ booth they had a DJ by the name of Repete. He was spinning some amazing deep house and allowing people who wanted to dance to dance, but if you wanted to chill, you could easily do that too. Photo below and super short video on our YouTube channel.


Repete on the decks @ Electric Zoo 2015

04. The Chemical Brothers (Various)

The Chemical Brothers have always had a special place in my heart, as "Chemical Beats" was the absolute first song I had ever heard by them. I even remember where I heard it! There use to be a club behind Chilis on 38th & Race Streets, called "The Blockley". But back in the day, it was called "The Chestnut Caberet". DJ Robbie Tronco was spinning, and he had mixed in this sick, sick track by The Chems. He had a white label promo of it, and it killed whenever he played it. This was late 1994. I had video posted on YouTube, and UMG (Universal Music Group) blocked it. My apologies.


The legendary Chemical Brothers have landed @ Electric Zoo 2015

Day One Wrap-up

So, Day One of Electric Zoo was amazing! My brother, finally got to see The Chemical Brothers live, and I got to see Marco Bailey and Carlo Lio live too. The crowd this year may not have been the size of the previous year, but everyone who showed came to have a good time. EZoo staff had ultra strict drug enforcement set up. I even saw a few people get pulled out of the line because the drug-sniffing dog they had lead by leash through the entrance lines. Thank goodness no one (that I saw) was arrested for possession of illegal substances. Who was my favorite? Well, everyone had me dancing, but it was so good to see The Chemical Brothers live again. If you haven't seen them live yet, make sure you do. They put on a show like no one else, and you never know what to expect. The last time I saw them live was 1996, in Philadelphia, at The Electric Factory. I was fortunate to have met them at The Silk City Diner before they went on. They were awesome to chat with, and even more awesome to have them in your hometown to play live. Thanks guys, you STILL GOT IT!

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