As a producer and DJ, there is a desire to have your music and your mixes heard. Getting out there can be daunting, and you have to be ready for acceptance as well as rejection. The process of getting a gig at a club to DJ is just as difficult as getting someone to play your original music for an audience. Now, combine those difficulties, then add your own branding in the form of trying to run a record label on your own. You feel that?!? This was the weight I had before planning the party.

There were quite a few lessons I learned about throwing a party, and I'll make sure that things are way more ironed out one the next party than this one. But, live and learn! On with the story!


photo: Jeff Price


The BUDDHA BEATS podcast first went live on iTunes on March 13, of 2015. I committed myself to doing an episode a month, and each mix is unique. There's no repeat tracks in those from between the episodes. Each mix is done live and on the spot. I wanted to commemorate the year-long journey I've created, and give all of those who listen to the show the opportunity to actually come out and dance, and meet other fans of the show. People flew in from as far as Denver, Colorado for the party!

And guess what? It almost DIDN'T happen.

Yep. Almost.

So rather than bring a negative vibe to the whole post, I'm going to spell it out by stating what I learned, and then we'll get to the photos and the fun, cool? Good.

01.  Get everything in writing. EVERYTHING.
02.  Make sure your contact is the club owner.
03.  Make sure your music is accepted at the venue.
04.  Have a backup plan in case the event gets cancelled.

Okay? We good? Sweet. Now...


photo: Jeff Price

Once I got in the booth, and fired off the first track, I got locked in. This is what I worked so hard for. To bring people together with music. There isn't a feeling like this anywhere. Those that came out, saw me smile bigger than ever that night. And minutes before, it looked bad, REAL bad. But being flexible, allowing for things to run their course doesn't always bring an unwelcome outcome. Look at the photo above. Not one unhappy person. I have actually done what I set out to do. Such beautiful people! Thank you for coming out!


photo: Jeff Price

People I haven't seen for a while came out to show me some love, and it gave me the energy to push the mix into some unreleased tracks. Guided by the music and the fans dancing their hearts out, I played "Hypercube" and "Like Rain", which was received with much praise from everyone. Fellow producers stood in awe. This is a side of me they hadn't seen yet. Party Rocker. Hell yeah.


photo: Jeff Price

Family is important, and these people here are mine. Everyone in these photos are family too, but these people have been there since the beginning, fans from that one Halloween basement party and early rave days, and one is helping shape the next chapters (plural) of my life. The fact that you all are here helps me complete all my missions. My family for life. Much love, thanks, and respect to you all. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am that you all are here to celebrate this event with me.


photo: Jeff Price

These guys always do what they say they're going to do. They told me they were coming, and even told me when they bought their tickets! They showed up, and got involved immediately. Glad to see you here for the first party, and you've already expressed interest in when the next one is coming. You guys are on the mailing list, and you'll know as soon as I get it set up! Thank you guys for coming out!

The sound system had really good bounce, and from what I was told, the subwoofer was REALLY nice, and all the tones I worked through the mix came right up through the floor! I felt some of them in the booth too. Especially when I played "Sect". I spent a good month making sure there was some serious bottom end on that song! From what Jeff Price told me, "There wasn't one person NOT dancing. The bartender dancing too, AND was asking where else you play at!" I remember before I was asked to join The Reflective Crew, getting asked that same question.


photo: Jeff Price

Ah! The Three Wise Men. While I am seen as someone to get answers from, I regularly seek wisdom from these three guys here. People always seem to forget that a teacher is really just an advanced student. Teachers learn, because it allows them to teach what they learned. Thank you guys for coming out and enjoying yourselves! It means so much to me that you guys are here.


photo: Jeff Price

When you get told by a very good friend "Hey, I'll be your hype man!", please realize that you shouldn't take that lightly. That means that someone believes in you, and believes in you enough to brag about you, help promote you, and keep you in the loop on things they learn that may help you out. That means a lot to me that I've been told this. Same thing goes for people who'll take something that they normally get paid for doing, and will not look for money from you afterwards. Guys, what can I say. I am honored that you think that highly of me to assist in helping me bring my dreams to fruition. I surely would have fell short without your support. Much love. I'm there when you need me too.


photo: Jeff Price

As the night wore on, I kept reading the floor and gauging how the mix was being received, and I saw nothing but smiles. Once your head is in your mix, you could look in the crowd and swear you almost see yourself staring back at you. I put my hands up, and so did everyone else. We were all there, on that journey, traveling without moving, yet we were lightyears from everywhere. As the music slowly came to a close, I looked up, and it was 5 hours later. At 2:00 AM, Daylight Savings Time had pushed us one hour further into the future. See? Time travel IS possible! A BIG thank you for all who came to BUDDHA BEATS: YEAR ONE. It was a night to remember, and most definitely one I will never forget.

Awesome. Now, lets get Year Two started!

Brian K. James // The Engineer // Daibutsu Music // BUDDHA BEATS Podcast

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