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Hello there! Brian (The Engineer) here. As of December 22nd, of 2016, I have achieved a goal that I had set for myself quite some time ago. Sometimes we set a goal, or milestone to pass, and the road ahead looks insurmountable. But, getting my music played not only on the radio and Internet, in another country, by DJs who are also producers, for the target audience I had hoped to reach on my own, from home?? That made me want this particular milestone, even more. I kept plugging away at it. I had even mentally put aside trying to achieve it, and focused on writing two new songs. These two songs, "Stardusted", and "Unbelieveable" (listed at the end of the article), were also sent overseas, and more great feedback came back from this. I then again decided to make another push towards a goal that was now no longer a "want", but a "need". I have worked hard to do this, but it has finally happened. I now have my music on one of the top DJ music store websites: BEATPORT.


If you DJ, or know someone who does, you (hopefully) have heard of Beatport. This is one —some will say the number one— website out of the top three that DJs head for when looking for the latest tracks for their DJ sets. I shop here too. And if you produce dance music, then this online store is on your radar as one place you want to have your music. Two others are Traxsource, and Juno Download. If this is your first time hearing about Beatport, I urge you to go on there and just browse. You'll soon see why it was one of my milestones, and how it's now it's in my rear view mirror.

So, how did this come about, you ask? Lots and lots and lots of research. I spent time trying to connect with artists and labels asking them about how they got their music on Beatport, and the answer I received most was "you have to be on a label first". Most of my research kept leading me back to a set of rules that Beatport had in place. Things like what labels have you released on, whom have you collaborated with, what is your release schedule for the next 3-6 months... It's enough to drive you up a wall.

This is where Symphonic Distribution comes in.

Meet your new digital distribution system


Symphonic Distribution
In my research, I came across sites like CD Baby (which was the first place I used in the early 2000's), then TuneCore, LabelWorx, and Beatport's own Baseware Distribution site(now shut down). But then I came across DistroKid (whom I've released several works with) and Symphonic Distribution. These last two I feel are the best two of the bunch, but everyone's needs are different, so if you're looking to put out your productions, do your research first. I chose Symphonic, and I am very happy I did!

Symphonic has connections deep in the industry to get your music into more than just Beatport (which is a BIG plus, one of which I hope to explore more deeply myself), but they also have connections with Traxsource, Juno Download, and scads more. They have people who are behind the service to assist you on getting what you need to promote your music where it's really going to matter. Now, are these services free? No, but you have to spend some to make some. I look at this as reinvesting in myself. If YOU don't believe in your own work, how can you expect anyone else to, right? They have also teamed up with FaderPro to explain just what it is they do, and how they can help. Click here for the $29.00 crash course!. I'll tell you, it was worth the money.

Now, as a DJ and producer, you are going to do a LOT of research. There are three places I check on the Internet on a regular basis. I want to take a moment to thank them for all the information I've learned from them, and that this milestone was achieved because I took what I learned from the people below, and applied it to work as best I could for myself. I've listed them below.


Why you need to check this site and podcast out:
If you are a DJ, and you are trying to get further in your career as a DJ, the first place I BEG of you to visit, is! Hailing from Dayton, Ohio, this amazing show is hosted by David Michael, Trip Turlington, Tony Desaro, and Mo Dingo.

From this podcast, you will gain insight into what DJs REALLY go through. From Tony's amazing stories as a backline tech for many production crews (3Dmentional, PSG) as well as DJing at clubs and festivals, Trip's no-holds barred advice on all things audio, and stellar vinyl collection, David's amazing ability to make sure you see and hear all sides of the story before choosing one, and Mr. Mo Dingo killing it in making sure people understand what is being said, and bringing his mobile DJ experience as well as helping to bridge any generational gaps into the show.

This show is not just a passing fancy. This show (and it's website) is informative, and all about keeping people who have been DJing for some time, and those who want to become better DJs, as their slogan says "through passion and purpose". No truer words can be spoken for these four dynamic brethren, as they bring you serious DJ topics like "Best and Worst Traits to have as a DJ", "Women in EDM & DJing", "Habits you wish you had sooner", and interviews with people like Egyptian Lover. And it's so much fun as well with episodes like their "Pick 3" series, and their Christmas episode (which I hope becomes a tradition) "Holiday Record Exchange".

Thank you guys for making this show the amazing, informative, and fun podcast that it is. A BIG thanks go out to their families too. These men are helping people all over the world through their show and website, and I want it known that everyone who makes this show possible, your time, effort, love and attention is not unnoticed. Big love from Philadelphia for Passionate DJ in the 2-1-5! And speaking of women in EDM and DJing, that brings me to the next site I check...


Why you need to check out her site and YouTube Channel:
Kilma brings her first hand knowledge of the EDM and club scene from a fresh and positive perspective that should seem obvious to us all, but more often than not, we all stumble across them! She's got the experience to back up all that she talks about, and then some. I have learned a great deal from her videos, and have had the privilege to exchange email with her. Believe me when I tell you, she is BUSY. Be patient, Rome wasn't built in a day! This is a site you need to go through slowly. This isn't your Netflix "binge session", okay? Her mixes are awesome! Watch her videos, go over them repeatedly. There are great tips and advice in every video. She also offers her design services to help DJs build that all elusive "EPK" we should all have!

But, rather than try to explain it myself, I'll let Kilma do it. Check the video below.

And this brings me to a website that once you visit it, you'll check it every day.

Ari's Take (


Why you need to check out his site and social media links:
Listed as being the one musician who helps clear all the smoke an mirrors of the music industry, once I found this website, I refer to it often. Ari Herstand is a musician who has gotten his music placed in TV shows, commercials and the like, as well as touring the college circuit, and playing gigs all over the country. Ari is not going to sugar-coat what needs to be done, in fact his advice pulls directly from the core of the DIY musician in you.

He'll cuss, he'll tell true road stories, but what comes out of it is EXACTLY what you need to hear to get your butt in the game. Just yesterday, I found 4 posts that were just what I needed for something I'm looking to do with my music: Movies, and TV, which speaks to another milestone I have, getting my music into video games. How cool is that going to be, right?!?

Ari is listed here because of the article he wrote that made me do even more research before selecting Symphonic. His article on the offerings of current digital distribution companies came at a time that couldn't have been more synchronized. I was looking at an offering by a company called Ditto, who were offering a service called Ditto DJ Plus, where DJs could get their tracks on Beatport. Now, I was ready to sign up with Ditto, based on this fact alone. Thinking more about my milestone than what I was actually signing up for. So, before I did something I could possibly regret, I did more research. This is when I came across Ari's post on the matter. After that, I went to various forums, and found more people that had the same issues as the ones mentioned in Ari's comments.

Having seen comments get out of hand, and off topic several times during my research sessions, I decided to ask Ditto directly. I found them on Twitter, and tried to ask for names of artist they have placed on Beatport. Silence was all I got from them. I asked the same of Symphonic, and they emailed me back a day or so later, with a link to their Beatport page. They even sent a follow-up email to ask if I had any more questions for them to answer, which I did. They replied to those the very next day. This attention to a potential customer, spoke volumes to me. So, I signed up with Symphonic on my next pay day (after paying my bills, of course), and moved towards getting my tracks ready for the big push to Beatport.

If I had not found Ari's site, hit him up on Twitter, and did further research, I would not be happy with the choice I made. Make sure you get his new book "How to Make It in the New Music Business" while your at it. I pre-ordered it from his email list, and got a copy for a friend who I know could benefit from it. Thank you Ari, for all you do!

So what are these two songs you released?!?

I wrote two songs, "Stardusted", and "Unbelievable". Here's the link to them on Beatport, and here they are for you to check out in full on SoundCloud. If you are a DJ, and want to support these tracks, please contact me using the form here. I would love to hear from, and chat with you! Both songs are listed below.


Brian K. James (The Engineer)

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