MARCH 2015 — Episode 01


# Artist Track Name Time
01 Chris Lake Chest (Original Mix) 0:00
02 Luke Db & Fabien Pizar I Got (Original Mix) 5:00
03 Phunk Investigation It Is Star Time (Original Mix) 9:31
04 Orkestrated Be Quiet 15:24
05 Droplex To The Club (Original Mix) 20:27
06 Duane Bartolo Good For You (Original Mix) 25:27
07 Miguel Bastida Moudness (Original Mix) 30:11
08 Chus & Ceballos & Horatio BRKLYN BRIDGE (Nathon Barato BK Dancer Remix) 35:36
09 Richie Santana Pigeon Hole (Original Mix) 42:21
10 The Engineer Lotus Power (Original Mix) 48:28
11 Lerio Corrado Traum (De La Swing & Fran Rives Remix) 54:49
12 OUTRO Daibutsu 1:00:14

So here it is, finally! Episode 1 of Buddha Beats, mixed by yours truly. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you haven't listened to it yet, scroll back up, and press play! There are some tracks that I'd like to highlight from this mix.

Track 04: Orkestrated's "Be Quiet"
This track sounds amazing on a large sound system, and the bass is thick enough to cut with a knife! There are many times where we have been at a club, or a bar and there are people TALKING on the dancefloor! Somehow, I feel this track is just for them! BE QUIET! So ominous sounding. It would sound like the devil himself, if all the lights in the club were out when that segment came on! Primal!

Track 07: Miguel Bastida's "Moudness"
The "bumpiness" of this track, the way it chugs along. There's just something about it! The vocal keeps talking about "The margarita mix", which is fine if you drink. I think it was added mainly due to they way it sounds when run through a filter. A lovely track. Don't sleep on this one!

Track 10: The Engineer's "Lotus Power"
I was thinking back to Electric Zoo 2014, in the Sunday School Room, with Stefano Noferini, Chris Liebing, Josh Wink, Dubfire while I was writing this one. The vibe in that room was SO intense. I wanted (and still want) to play this track amongst those guys, and see how much the floor lights up. This track was first played in our first ever promotional video for Buddha Beats. Click or tap here to watch the promo, or click STORE here or in the nav bar at the top to get your own copy of "Lotus Power"!