APRIL 2015 — Episode 02


# Artist Track Name Time
01 Daniel Portman The Reason (Original Mix) 0:00
02 Sian Beta Decay (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix) 6:03
03 Carlos Manaca Mental State (Original Mix) 12:15
04 Justin Martin & Ardalan Function - feat. Party Patty (Original Mix) 18:17
05 YUYA Harakiri 24:00
06 Elektronauts Bumper (Plumps Remix) 29:16
07 The Electroliners Loose Caboose (DJ Dan Remix) 34:00
08 Rob Pix Head Drop (Prosdo & Johnny Canik's MNML Remix) 39:56
09 Udachi & Jubilee Paypur (Original Mix) 43:52
10 DOTZ OBEY (Original Mix) 47:44
11 Defkline Bass Shaker 52:07
12 Dubfire -feat. Miss Kittin EXIT 56:59
  OUTRO Daibutsu Music.com 1:01:45

Here's Episode 2 of Buddha Beats, and it's timing couldn't be any more perfect as the weather is getting warmer, which means the windows in your ride should be down, and the volume up (responsibly of course)! Here are the tracks I'd like to make mention of in this mix:

Track 05: YUYA's "Harakiri"
When I first heard this one, I knew I wanted it for the show. It's in your face, and has a sweet breakdown, complete with Shamkisen/Koto-style strings! Reminds me of when I was in Japan for the first time in 2008. Yuya-sama, Sugoi!

Track 08: Rob Pix's "Head Drop" — (Prosdo & Johnny Canik's MNML Remix)
The amount of bounce in this track keeps me wondering why I'm not hearing this track MORE. This is a track that you could stretch out and cut & scratch over, and it would still hold up! I apologize for saying Johnny's last name incorrectly during the show's openning, it's CANIK. Keep your ears peeled on tracks with his name on it! Fire!

Track 10: DOTZ's "OBEY"
I'm a big fan of robotic voices, especially in music. So when I came across DOTZ's OBEY, I stuck around to see how this would play out, and he didn't disappoint! Bass tones, wobbles, TB-303 bits, and suspenseful builds that remind you of your favorite horror movie trailers. Looking forward to hearing more from DOTZ, because "We...are...your friends..." Love this track. Get it before you forget it!