MAY 2015 — Episode 03


# Artist Track Name Time
01 Rene Amesz, Camilo Franco Once And For All (Original Mix) 0:00
02 DJ Christopher, Peter Brown, Lizzie Curious Back To The Bass (Original Mix) 8:04
03 Hard Rock Sofa, Skidka Arms Around Me (Original Mix) 12:54
04 Double Bass Keep On (Original Mix) 19:14
05 Guau Lez Go Dancing (Original Mix) 24:29
06 Stanton Warriors The World Needs Bad Men 30:15
07 The Bomb Squad Modern Girls (Wes Smith Dirty Juice Remix) 34:04
08 Gary Caos Relax (Original Mix) 38:55
09 Operator Feat. Blake Lewis Operator (DJ Dan & Uberzone Remix) 44:27
10 Hard Drive Deep Inside (Harry Choo Choo Romero's Dirty Piano Remix) 47:44
11 Damae & Mekki Martin Shine (Federico Scavo Remix) 49:46
  OUTRO Daibutsu 1:01:45

Episode 3 of Buddha Beats contains some really amazing remixes of some seminal house tracks from the early days of my clubbing life. Here are the tracks I'd like to make mention of in this mix:

Track 01: Rene Amesz & Camilo Franco's "Once And For All" (Original Mix)
This track contains a snippet from a track (who's name I forget at the moment, but once I find it, I'll update this page) that made its way around the underground like wildfire. The synth keys remind me of Lil' Louis' underground smash hit "French Kiss" for that extra house-head stamp of approval. "In My House!" it screams, and so should you when you hear it! Absolute classic!

Track 03: Hard Rock Sofa & Skidka's "Arms Around Me" (Original Mix)
When I first heard this song, I lost it. This was a sheer stroke of disco genius, using KC & The Sunshine Band's vocal of "Wrap Your Arms Around Me" to work a crowd into hysterics on this tech-house monster. The production on this is top notch, and damn near guaranteed to fill the floor when added to any set! Definitely one to not sleep on. Get this NOW.

Track 08: Gary Caos' "Relax" (Original Mix)
Who doesn't remember Frankie Goes To Hollywood's "Relax"? It's difficult to talk about the '80s, and not mention this song. Gary Caos does an amazing Future House bomb with the main vocal from this classic. This will be your weapon for getting people on the floor who love that '80s sound.

Track 09: Blake Lewis' "Operator" (DJ Dan & Uberzone Remix)
Midnight Star gave us "Operator" in 1984, and 11 years later Blake Lewis (via DJ Dan and Uberzone's Remix) restart that fire in an electro-house version that is sure to bring a smile to the b-boys and b-girls out there. Get your breakdance on! Pop and lock this one into your permanent catalog!

Track 10: Harddrive's "Deep Inside" (Harry Choo Choo Romero's Dirty Piano Remix)
Okay, now THIS song from 1993 , produced by Little Louie Vega, and engineered by Erick Morillo, contains an unforgettable vocal from Barbra Tucker. It's a sample that no matter when you started going clubbing, you've heard her say "deep deep inside, deep deep down inside deep..." sometime during your nights out! Hailing from 22 years ago, this song is STILL making the floors pack. Harry "Choo Choo" Romero does a stunning job of keeping the serious house heads (like myself) happy with his Dirty Piano Remix. Thanks Harry, for keeping the education going by taking the past and bringing it into the future the next generation. A MUST HAVE for every house DJ starting out. Don't sleep on this one! Here's the link to the ORIGINAL ONE from 1993.