JUNE 2015 — Episode 04


# Artist Track Name Time
01 Loco & Jam Trigger (Original Mix) 0:00
02 Sam Paganini Another Chance (Original Mix) 7:43
03 Matan Caspi, Roy Lebens Omerta (Original Mix) 14:24
04 Mark Knight, Harry Romero, Chus & Ceballos feat. Cevin Fisher The Machines (Original Mix) 21:36
05 Marco Bailey Sniper (Joey Beltram Remix) 27:51
06 Yreane True Story (Ben Coda Remix) 33:36
07 Chevy One, Stanley Knife Be King Booty (Original Mix) 39:58
08 Kill The Noise, Tommy Trash Louder (feat. Tommy Trash) 45:17
09 Hombre Ombre, Diatek Masochism Love (Original Mix) 50:32
10 Steel Grooves Wrong Approach (Original Mix) 56:28

In Episode 4 of Buddha Beats, we explore the darker areas of The Temple. The thickness, the tracks you'd love to hear when it's dark enough to not see damn near anything in front of you. Strobes flashing to an almost seisure-inducing level. When your environment is flashing before your eyes in what seems to be a furiously paced series of still photos, that you're calling "a killer night out". It's hot, heavy, and causes the primal to take over. A word of advice? Let it. Time to stomp the floor into oblivion.

Here are the tracks I'd like to make mention of in this mix:

Track 01: Loco & Jam's "Trigger" (Original Mix)
I don't care where I am, what I'm doing, or where I'm going, THIS track is that track that keeps it moving! A perfect example of "Less is More"! This is one to own. Out now from Alleanza! Check them out, their catalogue contains some of the sickest tracks you've ever heard.

Track 04: Mark Knight's "The Machines" (Original Mix)
Mark and his Toolroom Knights assembled this dancefloor monster, and it's meteoric rise has got people all worked up! Cevin Fisher's vocal puts that authoritative narration that only he can provide as he gives us all the heads up, because "The Machines are taking over!" When in actuallity IT'S THIS SONG! Absolute banger! Don't sleep, and get this in your sights IMMEDIATELY if not sooner! Love this track! Keep up the killer work Mark!

Track 05: Marco Bailey's "Sniper" (Joey Beltram Remix)
There are minimal tracks, and then there's this one. This one caught my ear while browsing online one night. I immediately sought it out, and found that it was Joey Beltram's remix! A big thumbs up to Marco Bailey for letting Joey have at this. While "Energy Flash" was a long time ago, this shows that he's still with us, and poised to lay the dancefloors of the world flat. Go ahead Joey, take us out! No sleep on this one!

Track 07: Chevy One & Stanley Knife's "Be King Booty" (Original Mix)
Regular listeners of the show know that I LOVE breaks, so I try to make sure I find something special for the show. This uses the Funky Drummer bits I love, and those lovely, car-shakin', booty-rockin' sub-bass tones reminiscent of my breakdancing days in school. Guaranteed to get people up and on the floor! I'll be keeping my eyes and ears out for more from these two! Don't miss this one.

Track 08: Kill The Noise's "Louder" (feat. Tommy Trash)
Where can I hear an electro house that combines so many elements from artists like The Prodigy, Deadmau5, Wolfgang Gartner, Conjure One and Jello? Kill The Noise's "Louder" fits the bill here! While the only thing I'm sad about is it's too short, everything else is so well done. A track that is quite unique, yet fits into this mix like it was born to be there. Glad I found this one! Click the link above and get yours too!

Track 10: Steel Groove's "Wrong Approach" (Original Mix)
Okay, I haven't been to Germany yet, but when I do, this is the sound I want to hear! It's dark, ominous, spacious AND claustrophobic at the same time, it's as if you were in complete darkness, yet knowing that if you reach out, you might touch something, or someone! Every so often, a strobe light flickers, and all you see are silhouettes of bodies. Some are moving, some aren't. A fully functioning club, but during a blackout. Do you get it? This is REALLY REALLY THICK! The kick drum represents your heartbeat so much in this track. More so than a lot of tracks I like. I'm adding this to my watch list. So well done. Get it NOW.