JULY 2015 — Episode 05


# Artist Track Name Time
01 Claude Von Stroke Vocal Chords (Original Mix) 0:00
02 Dataworx Ppl (Original Club Mix) 8:21
03 The Engineer Defy The Deep (Original Mix) 15:29
04 Quivver All That Will Be (Original Club Mix) 23:06
05 Oliver Huntemann & Dubfire Fuego (Original Mix) 29:06
06 Quivver In Your Boat (Original Mix) 39:13
07 Hatiras Scream Train (Original Mix) 46:55
08 Radio Slave Grindhouse (Dubfire's Terror Planet Remix) 51:47

It's that time again! Time to head to The Temple. Episode 05 of BUDDHA BEATS is here! There are tracks from Claude Von Stroke, Quivver, Dubfire, and yours truly The Engineer! The listeners are tuning in from all corners of the globe! Places like Japan, Berlin, Paris, London, Hungary, South Africa, Australia, as well as the United States! If you listen to this monthly podcast, please make sure you share it with whomever you come across that likes dance music! As always, it's available for free download on our BUDDHA BEATS page on Soundcloud.com!

As of Sunday July 19th, BUDDHA BEATS — Episode 05 is in 19th of 100 in the breakbeat category!   Thanks all!

Here are the tracks I'd like to make mention of in this mix:

Track 01: Claud Von Stroke's "Vocal Chords" (Original Mix)
This track is one of those that you almost start thinking of as a "novelty", or a kind of filler track. But, as it chugs along, it' grows and becomes this amazing choral piece that is quite irresistible on a dance floor. This is one smart, and infectious track! This is one of my favorite tracks of all time. Click on the link to get your copy!

Track 03: The Engineer's "Defy The Deep" (Original Mix)
While some may think that commenting on their own track is a bit like bragging, they'd only be partially right. I spent quite some time working on this. For me, I have crossed a goal line, and left the starting line at the same time here. This track stands up, right alongside the surrounding tracks and it doesn't feel out of place in the mix. That was the goal line. Making all my tracks as good as this one, is the starting line. It's thick, it's heavy, and brooding enough. Click the link to head over to our store to get this and our other works!

Track 04: Quivver's "All That Will Be" (Original Mix)
I would LOVE to know where the vocal sample in this song is from... Quivver has a monster on his hands here! I hope that this still gets club play by other DJs, because I feel that many would feel the same way when they hear it. The beats are SOLID, and the timing of everything in this song is perfect! Don't sleep on this one. Click the link to get yours!

Track 08: Radio Slave's "Grindhouse" (Dubfire's Terror Planet Remix)
If Techno was a suspense/thriller movie, this would be it's theme song. This track is DARK. The air on this track is heavy, and claustrophobic. The vocals and suspenseful synths are enough to keep you on your toes, but that beat?!? It's got this swing... Unreal. Dubfire has hit a home run with this one! The demonic vocal samples saying "Do I wanna know? HA!" is like a vivid nightmare. But one you'd want to not only watch, but take part in! Such an AMAZING track. Go get your copy now!!