AUGUST 2015 — Episode 06


# Artist Track Name Time
01 Len Faki For Real (Original Mix) 00:00
02 Whyt Noyz Heart Strings (Original Mix) 06:18
03 Gaga & Sonate Witches (Original Mix) 10:46
04 The Engineer Sect (Original Mix) 16:21
05 Ant Brooks Code (Original Mix) 22:40
06 Dejvid Kavazovic Muses (Original Mix) 27:38
07 Danny Daze Rhythm Box (Original Mix) 34:38
08 Enrico S. & Secret Cinema Alone With The Bitch (Original Mix) 39:10
09 The Yellowheads Abbey (Original Mix) 46:18
10 Chris Liebing Tubular Chord (Original Mix) 53:17
11 Andy Roll Laager (Original Mix) 56:00

Here we are at Episode 06, and it's been half a year already? Time surely flies when you're face-first in your work! The music just keeps on coming, and the show must go on. There are a lot of people who've emailed me, letting me know how they like the show, and even what they're doing when they're listening to the podcast. Some are on their daily commute, some are working out at the gym (which is one place I need to get back into getting to), on their way to a club, and some DJs are checking it out on the way to their own gigs! Very nice! Thank you to all of you who listen to my show. Make sure you listen to this ENTIRE show, as there is some news most of you have been asking me about. Don't forget, if you listen to this monthly podcast, please make sure you share it with whomever you come across that likes dance music! As always, it's available for free download on our BUDDHA BEATS page on!

All tracks on this months podcast can be found on: WASABEAT

Here are the tracks I'd like to make mention of in this mix:

Track 03: Gaga & Sonate's "Witches" (Original Mix)
This is one that will surely bring the house down when played. Tight work, and super addictive! It has all the bits that keep ME on the floor, and I know I'm not alone in loving this vibe!

Track 04: The Engineer's "Sect" (Original Mix)
I have been wanting to play this one for everyone for quite some time now, and I decided that this episode was going to be the right time to unveil it. I've been working on getting my sound all dialed in, and making sure that while techno-heads out there will enjoy it, it's not just the constant "thud thud thud thud" and it's broken up by some other sound too. I wanted an eerie, paranormal, dark, techno track. Thus, "Sect" was born. Enjoy!

Track 07: Danny Daze's "Rhythm Box" (Original Mix)
The vocal work on this monster is SO sweet! A very very unique techno track, and one that'll remain in my library until I leave this Earth. IF I were to go on about it, I'd ruin it for you! Killer work, and will be on the lookout for more from Danny Daze!

Track 10: Chris Liebing's "Tubular Chord" (Original Mix)
Having met Chris at Electric Zoo last year, I knew what I was in for. Chris never ceases to amaze, astound, and push his sound to the forefront of your mind. Even though there is only a short segment of it here, head over to Wasabeat and get yourself a copy of this dance floor destroyer! Killin' it as usual, eh Chris? Much love!