SEPTEMBER 2015 — Episode 07


# Artist Track Name Time
01 Sydney Blu Centipede (Original Mix) 00:00
02 UMEK Collinearity (Original Mix) 05:10
03 Sian Medicine Man (Original Mix) 13:39
04 The Engineer Hypercube (Original Mix) 18:39
05 Bart Skils The Sweep (Original Mix) 26:49
06 Gaga & Ruiz Transitor (Original Mix) 33:50
07 John Selway & Christian Smith Total Departure (Original Mix) 39:14
08 Jel Ford Overcast (Original Mix) 48:02
09 Secret Cinema Trrbulence (Original Mix) 54:27

Episode 07 was supposed to be posted on September 12th, but due to having chills and fevers, I had to go to the hospital. But now that I am back and mobile again, I will continue as planned. There will be more music releases coming, and more news as to the release of a LOT of work. At least the podcast was released within the month it was designated to! An unexpected surprise for you all is the introduction to a new track I've written called "Hypercube". This is a track I have been looking to get out to the masses, but I wanted to 'road-test' it first. PLEASE tweet me, contact me, Facebook me, and let me know what you think of it. That track has been a LONG time coming. Don't forget, if you listen to this monthly podcast, please make sure you share it with whomever you come across that likes dance music! As always, it's available for free download on our BUDDHA BEATS page on!

Here are the tracks I'd like to make mention of in this mix:

Track 01: Sydney Blu's "Centipede" (Original Mix)
Having only recently come across Sydney Blu's music, I love what I'm hearing! I look forward to having more of her work on the show, as this track caught me by surprise! Next time I play this one, it'll be more in the middle of the mix, as this track is versatile enough to be placed almost anywhere, and the effect will be amplified ten-fold! Much love to Sydney Blu!

Track 03: Sian's "Medicine Man" (Original Mix)
Man, what an amazing thick track! I was lucky to see Sian at Electric Zoo in 2014, and he and Stefano Noferini rocked the Sunday School Tent. This is definitely a track you don't want to sleep on. Sure to get the juices flowing!

Track 05: Bart Skils' "The Sweep" (Original Mix)
This track is a must have for any techno-minded DJ. The sheer size of this track is something I aspire to achieve, and progression is amazing! In this mix, I follow my own Hypercube up with this track, and I felt that the mix's elevation went up a couple notches because of this monster! Keep your ears out for Bart Skils' work, as the more I find, the more that'll get played here! Don't sleep!

Track 09: Secret Cinema's "Trrbulence" (Original Mix)
Ever been on a flight that had turbulence? Take that same feeling, and apply that to a dance floor, and Trrbulence from Secret Cinema is what you have. What a stormer of a track! Big, thick, dark, and otherworldly all at once. The tension mounts quickly, and that break only signals that your reaching the top of the second peak on this roller coaster! Definitely a peak-hour track! When I say this track is huge, I mean HUGE! Make sure you have this in your set somewhere, as I can only see this one really filling a floor! MASSIVE!