NOVEMBER 2015 — Episode 09


# Artist Track Name Time
01 Fabian Argomedo Black Box (Original Mix) 00:00
02 Sugarstarr Hey Sunshine Feat. Alexander (Antonio Giacca Remix) 06:50
03 Amniza Comeback (Original Saxophone Mix) 12:29
04 Low Steppa & Taiki Nulight Nose Powder (Original Mix) 17:10
05 His Majesty Andre Spades (Original Mix) 22:02
06 Aylen Primitive Rhythm (Original Mix) 26:07
07 DJ Fixx We Run This (Original Mix) 28:37
08 Quintino Scorpion (Hardwell Edit) 33:48
09 Pagano & Lizzie Curious Bamiyan (Original Mix) 37:11
10 Mark Dekoda Keep It Movin (Original Mix) 42:48
11 Axel Karakasis Rugged (Original Mix) 48:20
12 Joe Maker Minimal Female (The Drunkers Special Remix) 53:20
13 Max Graham One Hundred (Raw Mix) 55:51

Well! Here we are at Episode 09 Don't forget, if you listen to this monthly podcast, please make sure you share it with whomever you come across that likes dance music! As always, it's available for free download on our BUDDHA BEATS page on!

Here are the tracks I'd like to make mention of in this mix:

Track 02: Sugarstarr's "Hey Sunshine" Feat. Alexander (Antonio Giacca Remix)
What can I say but WOW. This track is stuff of legend, and it brings back great memories of real house music nights here in Philadelphia. Thank you Sugarstarr, for helping us remember those halcyon days! Get this track, play it everywhere for everybody!

Track 07: DJ Fixx's "We Run This" (Original Mix)
Those that know me, remember that when I was DJing out on a regular basis, I was playing breakbeat tracks that had would make all the B-Boys and B-Girls to make circles out on the floor, and they'd pop and lock, windmill, and headspin their way into our hearts. Sometimes others would challenge them. This is one song I wish the DJ would have put on because it would have taken those challenges to the next level. Keep your ears out for tracks from DJ Fixx!

Track 08: Quintino's "Scorpion" (Hardwell Remix)
It's not easy picking tracks for the show, but when I got to this one, I instantly knew that this one was going to be one of them. This track is a complete home-run, and needs to be in every DJ's collection. Hardwell's remix of this track successfully melds the festival-stlye track with a breakbeat feel. This is one I plan to keep in rotation of my favorite breaks tracks. Don't sleep, and get this track for your collection!

Track 13: Max Graham's "One Hundred" (RAW Mix)
For those who are not familiar with Max Graham, this is a great place to start! It seems that Max is always on the move, so if you hear that he's playing somewhere close by, do everything in your power to go see him. He usually plays open-to-close sets, and it's worth double the price to see him in person. One Hundred is one of those tracks that he brings in when it's time to put it all on the line, double or nothing, all-in, dancefloor monsters. I've never seen anyone that hears him play NOT dancing. Love ya Max! Keep putting out these incredible pieces, and reminding us that it's about the music and not the VIP area! Don't sleep on this track! GET THIS NOW!!