JANUARY 2016 — Episode 11


# Artist Track Name Time
01 Slicerboys My Jump (Original Mix) 00:00
02 Squirt D House Music (Extended Mix) 05:01
03 Mick Teck God Likes To Watch (Original Mix) 09:17
04 Marco Vistosi, Marco Molina Back To The Street (Original Mix) 13:20
05 Camilo Franco I Got 17:28
06 COMBO! Bill Durry (Original Mix) 22:50
07 Asco, Joe Nevix Detroit (Original Mix) 26:05
08 Ron Reeser Lock & Load (Extended Mix) 29:32
09 LAXX, Brillz, Ms Williams WTPA (Henry Fong Remix) [feat. Ms Williams] (Remix) 32:50
10 Fernando Mello She Rolls (Original Mix) 36:13
11 John Acquaviva, Olivier Giacomotto, Thomas Gandey Machine (Original Mix) 40:28
12 Sleeperhold Snapshot (Original Mix) 46:50
13 Delgado, Karl Roberts Articulate (Original Mix) 51:20
14 THNK Neverland 55:28

Episode 11!! There's only ONE more episode before our one year mark! Don't forget, if you listen to this monthly podcast, please make sure you share it with whomever you come across that likes dance music! As always, it's available for free download on our BUDDHA BEATS page on Soundcloud.com!

Here are the tracks I'd like to make mention of in this mix:

Track 01: Slicerboys' "My Jump" (Original Mix)
I love a good disco house track, and this one even has what sounds like bits from "The Bomb" by The Bucketheads cleverly inserted in there. Everything about this track is makes me smile. I can only imagine how this lights up a dancefloor! Definitely one to have in the lineup at your next gig! Don't miss this one!

Track 02: Squirt D's "House Music" (Extended Mix)
Many of us find escape, solace, and freedom in our music, and this song is no different. The soulful lyrics transport me to when my own love affair with house music began. If this sounds preachy, it's supposed to. House music has deep roots, and many follow it like a religion. This would officially solidify a nightclub as our place of worship! When this one comes on, let your hands go up! Make that joyful noise!

Track 06: COMBO!'s "Bill Durry" (Original Mix)
I love the saxaphone on this one! It's a bumpy little track that has a nice build, and keeps my head bobbing. It's electro house, without wobbles, which is a nice change from the overdoses the genre gets overloaded with most times. Very well done, and highly recommended! GET THIS ONE!!

Track 08: Ron Reeser's "Lock & Load" (Extended Mix)
Letting the Bass get you is exactly what you want this track to do! I love the wobbles used in this one, and it's always building and insisting that you get crazy as the song moves to its climaxes, which are worth it. Even as I'm writing this, this track is playing and keeping me moving! More like this please?!? Great use and placement of the turntable scratches in this is the cherry on top! I will be playing this one out for years to come!

Track 12: Sleeperhold's "Snapshot" (Original Mix)
The wunderkinds at Toolroom have brought us a beautiful piece called "Snapshot", that should make old skool DJs think: "Where have heard that bassline before?!?" Answer: Fierce Ruling Diva! A blast from those early days of the rave scene's golden age puts a familiar face in a brand new track that shines ever so brightly on any dancefloor. Another track I'll always have in my arsenal. I'd advise you do the same! SOLID, and not one to miss!