FEBRUARY 2016 — Episode 12


# Artist Track Name Time
01 Hermann Dius UK Movement (Bonetti Remix) 00:00
02 Serial Thrilla Fresh To Def (Original Mix) 06:32
03 Roland Clark, Matteo DiMarr Can You (feat. Roland Clark) (Club Mix) 11:02
04 Cevin Fisher, Heller & Farley Project We Built This House feat. Cevin Fisher (Fire Island Mix) 17:24
05 Yass Get Some (Original Mix) 23:09
06 Skrillex, MUST DIE! VIPs (Original Mix) 26:54
07 Damon Rush Old Skull (Original Mix) 30:51
08 BRUK You (Original Mix) 34:58
09 Far East Movement, Uberjak'd, Deorro When The Funk Drops (Original Mix) 40:16
10 Dirt Monkey, Nathaniel Knows From The Back (Original Mix) 44:09
11 Plump DJs Gobbstopper (Blatta & Inesha Remix) 48:47
12 Alessandra Ricci Naked Soul (Original Mix) 55:00
13 Carl Cox I Want You (Forever) (Deadmau5 Remix) 61:37
14 Loco & Jam Junction (Original Mix) 67:08

Episode 12!! Our final episode of our first podcast year. This has been one amazing journey so far and it's far from over! Don't forget, if you listen to this monthly podcast, please make sure you share it with whomever you come across that likes dance music! As always, it's available for free download on our BUDDHA BEATS page on Soundcloud.com!

Here are the tracks I'd like to make mention of in this mix:

Track 02: Serial Thrilla's "Fresh To Def" (Original Mix)
This is such a sweet disco style track, its definitely one you want to have in your crates. House heads will really dig this one too. Envision that intimate nightclub that plays deep house, and you're well on your way to that perfect moment where you'd expect to hear this track. Hands will be raised, along with the roof! Don't sleep on this one!

Track 06: Skrillex & MUST DIE!'s "VIPs" (Original Mix)
If you were to ask what were some of the things that caused the dance music scene to change, specifically one word should pop in to your head: VIP. This along with the "bottle service" they love so much. Ugh. What I love about this song, is it's simplicity, which frames — for me at least — the messages that VIPs should be in the back! Those of us who support dance music, its artists and DJs by dancing to their amazing sets should be up front where those performing or DJing can see the fruits of their labor. Thank you Skrillex, you hit the nail on the head for me with this one! I'll be re-energizing all the dance floors I get to play for with this one! A MUST HAVE!!

Track 07: Damon Rush's "Old Skull" (Original Mix)
There are piano riffs that once you hear them, you'll immediately be taken back to the days where you first heard them. "That Old Skool" vibe, you remember it, right? Sure you do! Damon has captured that vibe and brilliantly created an electro house monster that will have everyone's heads bobbing, and feet tapping when played out. Great track and one to have in your arsenal! Highly addictive!

Track 11: Plump DJs' "Gobbstopper" (Blatta & Inesha Remix)
"Let's go paaaaarty!" is how this track opens, and I couldn't agree more! This other world thobber with it's buzzing bassline reaches right down into your gut and moves you to your core. Loaded with goodness that comes from the yesteryear of dance music, and expertly re-tooled for today AND tomorrow's floors. A massive track that should help fill the floor, quite easily. Get your copy, and test it out! I think you'll agree!

Track 13: Carl Cox's "I Want You (Forever)" (Deadmau5 Remix)
How could you take a song written by one of dance music's best ambassadors, and make his contribution better? Such is the case with this piece from the legendary Carl Cox! They put one of dance music's most vocal on the job: Deadmau5! What we have here is a minimal techno mover that really keeps the love and feel that make the dance floors the amazing places that they are. This is that "dark but refreshingly airy" vibe. It's not too in your face, and yet it's massive?!? Wow. A complete, but much welcomed surprise from both Carl and Deadmau5! You REALLY don't want to miss out on THIS. Thanks to both of them, for creating and re-creating this one! A MUST HAVE.