APRIL 2016 — Episode 14 — BUDDHA BEATS: YEAR ONE — Part 2


# Artist Track Name Time
01 The Engineer Hypercube (Original Mix) 00:00
02 Far East Movement When The Funk Drops (Original Mix) 06:46
03 Exodus & The Boogie Bandit OMFG (Original Mix) 10:01
04 The Cube Guys I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Original Mix) 14:24
05 The Whitest Boy Alive Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix) 19:38
06 The Engineer Like Rain (Original Mix) 25:30
07 Croatia Squad Scream For Pleasure (Original Mix) 35:01
08 Nora En Pure Saltwater (2015 Rework) 40:16
09 Slicerboys My Jump (Original Mix) 42:46
10 Deadmau5 & Kaskade I Remember (Original Mix) 47:52
11 Hatiras Scream Train (Original Mix) 54:48
12 Droplex To The Club (Original Mix) 60:18
13 Orkestrated Be Quiet (Original Mix) 65:07
14 The Engineer Torque (Original Mix) 69:07

Episode 14 marks the second entry into our second year for BUDDHA BEATS. This mix is the second half of what was recorded during our YEAR ONE Party. There's electro, some disco house, some techno, tech house, some flipped classics, and some deep house tracks too! Enough talkin' let's get in to the mix!

Here are the tracks I'd like to make mention of in this mix:

Track 02: Far East Movement's "When The Funk Drops" (Original Mix)
This is one of those fun, festival-esque electro tracks where the lyrics are nice an quirky, serious bass drops, and some female vocal samples that's all twisted up in there too. Definitely one to get your twerk on to! What drew me to this track?!? It was fun, bouncy, and first and foremost: memorable. I have fun playing this track, and if I'm not having fun, it isn't getting played. Ya dig? Sweet electro track! One to own!

Track 05: The Whitest Boy Alive's "Golden Cage" (Fred Falke Remix)
When I came across this track, it was labeled "Otto's Golden Journey" by Mylo, since then I've seen 3 other names for this sleeper of a hit. Definitely one to have in your arsenal, because you'll find a spot for it when you least think it would fit. I dropped this one at our YEAR ONE party, and all I saw was smiles from the dance floor. To whomever made this, BRAVO! And to Fred Falke for this remix! It's got that feeling that I can't really explain... just pure brilliance! GET THIS ONE NOW.

Track 06: The Engineer's "Like Rain" (Original Mix)
This track is one of mine, fresh from the studio, and what better place to test it than the party I'm throwing, right? I was asked several times about this one! Those that attended the party got to hear it for the first time in public. If you get on the mailing list, you'll know when this one is on it's way out for mass consumption! This was a track I had so much fun writing. Spent a couple of weeks on just the sub and bass line alone, checked it on various speakers to see how it handled, and it turned out so nice. "Like rain on a summer's day!" Want to know when this releases? Click here!

Track 09: Slicerboys' "My Jump" (Original Mix)
This track is so bumpy and fun, you can't help but dance to it! Slicerboys got it right with this one! Quite a few disco style tracks out with that seriously funky vibe to it, but this one? It's even got a snippet from "The Bomb" from The Bucketheads! House heads will know exactly what snippet I'm talking about too... Such a gem of a track! You would definitely see me dancing in the booth when this gets dropped! NOT ONE TO MISS!

Track 10: Deadmau5 & Kaskade's "I Remember" (Original Mix)
Yes... I DO remember! I had gotten lucky and won tickets to see Deadmau5 at The TLA on South Street in Philly, and he played this LIVE. Seriously life changing for me. It was one of the reasons I sought out gear to create my own tracks. Creation is one thing, and performance is another. For me, this song reminds me of the rave days, all the parties, the adventures just getting to some of them, the people I met, the relationships that were built, the music that was played. Those who you still talk to, those that we had to say goodbye to along the way to today. For me, this is a tear-jerker of a song. Happily so. Just think about some of the things you may not have in quite some time, and it you'll see where I am in this track. Very emotional. A must have for anyone who DJs dance music at all. Period.