JULY 2016 — Episode 17


# Artist Track Name Time
01 Thomas Gandey Sun In Your Eyes (Animal Picnic Remix)) 00:00
02 ATFC, Hannah Williams No Victim Song feat. Hannah Williams (Original Mix) 07:00
03 Nick Fiorucci, Joee Bizarre Love Triangle feat. Joee (Original Mix) 12:56
04 Lissat & Voltaxx, DJ PP Disco Balls (Alaia & Gallo Remix) 17:44
05 Federico Scavo Bug (Original Mix) 22:13
06 Hoxton Whores, Melleefresh Lets Get Dirty (Crazibiza Dub Remix) 26:56
07 Ventil Shape, Gui Rodrigueze Silent Hill (Tommy Salter Remix) 32:43
08 Tough Love DLNW (Original Mix) 36:52
09 Marc Vedo Help It (Original Mix) 42:31
10 Digital Session, Le Son Du Placard Alone (Original Mix) 47:23
11 D-Unity, Matt Sassari Fired Up (Original Mix) 53:11
12 Kardinal Coma (Original Mix) 57:27

Summer is in full swing, and there's nothing better than having some tunes to make the nights even more special, and I hope Episode 17 helps fill that void! This month we have some flipped house classics that I feel have some serious dancefloor draw, some tech house to get the walls sweating, and finishing off with techno to really burn up your remainin energy. Let's get to the "hot spots" in this mix:


Track 05: Federico Scavo's "Bug" (Original Mix)
To those who are just getting into house music now, this track actually revisits two insane tracks from house music's golden era: "The Bomb by The Bucketheads" AND "Plastic Dreams by Jaydee. These two together are simply stellar, and who better than Fererico Scavo to ultra-funkify the floor with this flipped pair. A must have! Well done sir!!

Track 09: Marc Vedo's "Help It" (Original Mix)
This is just so damn funky! The sub alone shakes the house, and should send anyone not dancing, heading to the floor! Why? Because they just can't help it! Sorry, that just needed to be said. I love everything about this track. The vibe is tight, and it certainly means business! Don't sleep on this one!! GET THIS ONE NOW.

Track 10: Digital Session & Le Son Du Placard's "Just For One Day" (Original Mix)
Hot on the heels of Track 09, this minimal monster adds sweat to the walls by continuing the sub bass, and adding some proper wobbles and bleeps to start piling on the darker ends of the night. What have you had? Reach for the lasers, because this one will live in your head long after you leave the club! I had to dig around to locate this one... but SO worth the effort! A must have for all techno and tech house DJs.

Track 12: Kardinal's "Coma" (Original Mix)
Having not been to Germany yet, I can only imagine that Tresor, or Berghain sound like this. I love tracks like this (See Episode 16 for a 2hr techno mix), and both house and techno are making a serious comeback. To new ears, it's just repetition. But if you pay attention, there is PLENTY to hear, and when played on a serious sound system, it's a no longer a track, it's a feeling. And boy, I LOVE this feeling! I'll be looking for more by Kardinal, that's for damn sure! Well done, sir!