MARCH 2017 — Episode 25


# Artist Track Name Time
01 Kauf Through The Yard (Fort Romeau Remix) 00:00
02 Sebastien Leger Love Star (Original Mix) 07:00
03 Shan Versions 1 (Original Mix) 15:18
04 Dr. Kucho! The Whistle Song (Original Mix) 20:35
05 Kirill Slider Don't Call Me Baby (Dr. Kucho Remix) 26:04
06 Charles J Corrida (Original Mix) 31:36
07 Etienne Ozborne & DFMC Trombola (Original Mix) 35:08
08 Sound De-Zign & Robert Feelgood Ease My Soul (Original Mix) 40:15
09 Diva & Jones Thriller (David Jones Mix) 47:38
10 Wildchild Bring It Down (Original Mix) 52:48
11 De La Swing Universal Key (Andres Campo Remix) 58:32
12 The Jungle Brothers I'll House You (Houseapella) 63:00

It's March, and there is (at least here in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas) snow on the ground, it's cold out, and it's times like there where I'd love to go find a nice, hot, sweaty nightclub to dance myself silly in! So, if you're like me, looking for those "old skool" vibes, there's enough throwback in here to throw the Way Back machine, further back than some of you may realize! Quite a few of the tracks on here have had many lives before their arrival in this months BUDDHA BEATS offering. Before reading the possible spoilers below, listen to the mix, ask someone you know has almost encyclopedic knowledge of classic disco, house, hip-hop (this clue should be obvious as to which track I'm talking about), and classic rave tracks. Enjoy the mix!


Track 02: Sebastian Leger's "Love Star" (Original Mix)
While this track doesn't have is more recent than the most in this mix, I absolutely LOVE the uplifting spirit of this song, and feel it can be used as an opening OR a closing track, depending on how you pilot the dance floor! A really rare gem that any DJ should have in their arsenal. LOVELY!

Track 03: Shan's "Versions 1" (Original Mix)
This perfect puzzle-piece track has a classic house feel, and a classic house sound, especially with those stabs that are rampant through out! This kind of sample was used quite a bit back in the day, and this track makes proper use of it without it becoming tired. If looped properly, it could carry acapellas, which would really make this track either sugary-sweet, or agressively bitter. Either way, good for your audience!

Track 06: Charles J's "Corrida" (Original Mix)
I grew up listening to the original version of this song in the early 1980's in the car with my Mom on our way to the flea market on Saturdays. I never knew the words, except the title, and when I found this, I decided to look up the history of the song, which is just as interesting as the track that bears it's name. Thank you Charles J for your amazing work, and helping re-live some amazing memories! I'll be playing this track out for sure! Who knew that one of the most well known song writers would have had his inspiration for this from the Far East? KILLER TRACK!

Track 08: Sound De-Zign & Robert Feelgood's "Ease My Soul" (Original Mix)
This track takes me back to that golden age of the rave: The 1990's. If you were around then, there was a song by Johnny L called "Hurt U So", where most of the vocals in this song also are taken from. I included this, as the vibe that this and Johhny L's track are one and the same. There's a little ravey breakbeat breakdown in the song with those chipmunk-ish vocals that early rave tracks were known for having. This song is crazy infectious, and one that classic-style DJs need to have in their inventory! Crate diggers: The mix you're looking for is the "L Mix". This is the one heard at most raves, and funnily enough is the rarest of all the remixes of this track!

Track 10: Wildchild's "Bring It Down" (Original Mix)
When this track dropped in Philadelphia, I was going to The Warehouse Nightclub, and Robbie Tronco was behind the decks. My friend Chris Hinds and I were there dancing, and those familiar house track organ stabs came on, with a voice saying "Take it higher," stab, stab, stab "Take it Higher," stab, stab, stab, "Take it higher," stab, stab, stab, "BRING IT ON DOWN!", and then "Feel your body burning with desire!", and the distorted kick drum would just send everyone into a frenzy! Robbie was the first DJ I had ever heard playing that track, and it has forever been imprinted in my mind. I finally found a copy of it not too long after that. A few years pass, and I'm attending rave parties, and one in particular in Syracuse, NY with Wildchild himself spinning! I handed him the record, for him to sign, and instead, he SPUN the track, lit the party up, and THEN signed it! Needless to say, this record never leaves the house. Ever.

Track 12: The Jungle Brothers' "I'll House You" (Original Mix)
Now, for those of you who are new to the electronic music scene, and/or came into Hip-Hop around the 1990s, you may or may not have heard this track before. Just to give you a heads up, this track is a classic, and back in the day, there wasn't a party you DIDN'T hear this song at for quite some time! To find an acapella of it, is a treasure. Make sure you get this one, as you can throw this on overtop of almost anything with a 4/4 beat, and it'll turn it into a party track! Make sure you listen to the Club Mix first, and you'll see what I mean!