MAY 2017 — Episode 27


# Artist Track Name Time
01 Raffaele Rizzi Arkadia 00:00
02 Miquel Bohemian Lovers (2014 Rework) 06:18
03 Acid Junkies Chica Sexy 9:22
04 Pig & Dan Cubes (Spektre Remix) 14:00
05 Raffaele Rizzi Deep In Love 18:12
06 Oliver Huntemann, Dubfire Dios 21:30
07 Phunk Investigation From The Speaker 26:19
08 Soulik Enjoy This Trip 30:39
09 Alcatraz Give Me Luv (Nicole Moudaber Remix) 35:59
10 DHS House Of God (20 Years DHS Remix) 42:12
11 Volte-Face Ill-Feted 46:16
12 Alex Dolby Obsessive Sound 51:13
13 Josh Wink Resist-Apella (Acid Version) 53:30

EPISODE 27 is an all techno mix, made with some tracks from the past that have been fused, rebuilt, and reworked for tomorrow's dance floor, alongside tracks that need to live in every techno DJ's crate either physically, or digitally. If you're used to checking out the audio version of the podcast, as of this episode, you can now watch me create the mix in my first VIDEO PODCAST! Click HERE to see Episode 27 in action. Now on to the HOT SPOT tracks of this episode.


Track 01: Raffaele Rizzi's "Arkadia"
I really love this track. It's thick, and has this bass tone running through it, sparse vocals make it even more ominous. Definitely not one to sleep on. Click the link above, and get your copy now.

Track 04: Pig & Dan's "Cubes" (Spektre Remix)
Pig & Dan are back at it again, and this time with the techno duo Spektre for this remix. This track sounds amazing in any techno set I've put it in, and it's a great one for when you're about to take that "left turn at Albuquerque" with your mix! Click the link to purchase your copy.

Track 06: Oliver Huntemann & Dubfire's "Dios" (Original Mix)
What can I say that hasn't already been said about this track?!? If you're not familiar with Oliver Huntemann, or worse, not familiar with Dubfire's work, then this is a track you must own! Both of these guys have insane catalogue, and have been in the scene for a very long time. Their offerings are nothing short of legend. If you ever see their name on a flyer, or DJ line up, regardless of where it is, GO. This track is called "Dios" for a reason. It means "God" in Spanish. I would thoroughly agree. Don't miss having this track in your aresenal! Click that link up there!

Track 08: Phunk Investigation's "From The Speaker" (Original Mix)
Techno lives everywhere, and these two prove that Italy is no slouch when it comes to making those serious dancefloor fillers! I own many of their tracks, and every one of those tracks have made their way into my crates when I play. I love the vocal in this one, and it sure gets the crowd to their feet when it comes on! Even if you've never heard it before. DON'T SLEEP ON THIS ONE.

Track 10: Alcatraz's "Give Me Luv" (Nicole Moudaber's Remix)
I own the original track from the 1990's, and it was a stellar work then, but when you add Nicole Moudaber to a seminal classic, it grows. Massively. This track makes it a new classic for everyone. For us "headz" who remember our earlier club lives, and this insane update makes it even more relivant for the clubheadz to come. Complete and utter respect to the original, Nicole never fails to disappoint! GET THIS NOW! Click that link!