JULY 2017 — Episode 29


# Artist Track Name Time
01 Matvey Emerson, Phillip Manning Games 00:00
02 Lizzie Curious Sunshine Feels So Good 03:38
03 Raw Underground, Sebb Junior Day & Night (Deep Mix) 09:03
04 Steve Synfull The Nod (Jackin Mix) 13:58
05 Alfred Azzetto, Ian Carrera Music Selecta (Ian Carrera Club Mix) 17:34
06 Demarkus Lewis Wanna Talk 2 You 21:15
07 Simon Adams Funky Farm 26:51
08 Hazzaro Love Like This 31:41
09 Angelo Ferreri, Jonk & Spook Can't Get Enough 36:12
10 Enrico BSJ Ferrari Hung Up 41:20
11 Angelo Ferreri The Rule (Jackin Mix) 46:10

EPISODE 29 is a return to my house roots, through 11 infectious, funky, flipped disco, jackin' house tracks. This is mix is a little shorter than an hour, but I think the track selection will get your blood flowing a bit faster!

This episode goes out to all the local Philly DJs who I've looked up to, the ones who were kind enough to put me on, and give me a shot.

To all the DJs around the world, thank you for your amazing sets, as I've studied them, losing sleep at night. Your work does NOT go unnoticed.

Okay, enough talk, The Temple's doors are open, get those sneakers on and let's GO!

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If you're used to checking out the audio version of the podcast, as of this episode, you can now watch me create the mix in my first VIDEO PODCAST! Click HERE to see Episode 29 in action. Now on to the HOT SPOT tracks for this episode.


Track 02: Lizzie Curious' "Sunshine Feel So Good"
Man, the SECOND I heard this track, I was in love. The way this track rolls out is stellar, and the breakpoints are the stuff of legend!If you watch the video, you'll see my smiling face when this track comes on. PURE BLISS Click that link above to get your copy!

Track 04: Steve Synfull's "The Nod" (Jackin Mix)
For those of you who haven't been to a rave before, you can get a glimpse into the San Francisco scene back in the late 1990's by checking out the movie "Groove" (2000), the vocal samples are taken from this fun, yet factual film. If you want to REALLY learn about "The Nod", go check out an underground party near you, stay to the end, and thank the people who threw it. You'll see (wink). Click the link to purchase your copy.

Track 06: Demarkus Lewis' "Wanna Talk 2 U"
Now, Chris Rock is famous for speaking his mind, and his skit where he talks about how men don't have to really tune in to what their woman is saying, and how to avoid those 45-minute dissertations on that simple, yet wrong question to ask: 'How was your day?' Aww man, a MUST HAVE in any DJs arsenal! Click that link!

Track 08: Hazzaro's "Love Like This"
This will get the floor moving! Hazzaro's flipped Faith Evans' chart-smasher, and made it even more addicting for really throwing down on the dance floor. Watch the faces on the floor when this one goes on, it gets people to their feet, thinking they're going to hear the whole hip-hop version. Oh no... not even close. This is a serious floor filler, and shame on you if you don't have this one already! Ha! J/K. GET THIS ONE NOW!