AUGUST 2017 — Episode 30


# Artist Track Name Time
01 Angelo Ferreri I Want To Listen To You 00:00
02 Antonio Garcia Soul Motion 06:22
03 Jaques Raupe, Jenny Casparius Believe (Extended Mix) 10:26
04 Nora En Pure Stockholm Tears 15:35
05 Lex Luca Thru The City (Main Mix) 20:25
06 Peter Brown Funkosphere 25:01
07 Carles J Corrida 29:22
08 Alex Kenji Yeah Yeah Yeah 33:24
09 Kolombo, Sharam Jey, Jay Robinson Nonstop! (Jay Robinson Remix) 37:28
10 Young Nutz, Matt B What's That Sound 43:03
11 Arno, Navas, D-Nox & Beckers Memory Cell (Fresco Records) 46:36
12 Way Out West Spaceman (Robert Babicz Remix) 53:35
13 The Engineer Unbelieveable 61:35
14 Marc Modena Abyss 69:42
15 The Engineer Sect 74:35

EPISODE 30 is another house mix, and the last one before my jump to Ibiza to spin with Donnerstag and Funkboy who are also from Philadelphia. Things are looking up, and will get even brighter as I do what I can to get you, and keep you on the dancefloor!

I cannot put into words how grateful I am to any and everyone who's come out to support my DJing, and my original work. And to all the DJs around the world, thank you for your amazing sets, your work stays with me long after the mixes are done, the lights come on, and the ride home becomes an ESPN-esque highlight show of how the night went. Look for my purple hat before or after your gigs, for I just might be there to show my appreciation!

Okay, enough talk, The Temple's doors are open, get those sneakers on and let's GO!

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If you've wondered how these mixes are created, you can now watch me create them! Click HERE to see the mixes in action. Now on to the HOT SPOT tracks for this episode.


Track 01: Angelo Ferreri's "I Want To Listen To You"
With all of the political noise going on here in the US, and not really being a political person per se, I remember this speech that Barack Obama gave. It was one of the few times I understood what a president was saying. It wasn't filled with political speak, or anything that was over my head. I understood it and it made sense. Did I believe it? I sure did, and still do. This track, for me at least, is still inspiring, and applicable to anything you plan on setting your mind to accomplishing, no matter your political affiliation. Thank you Barack, Thank you Angelo, keep on rockin' the both of you! GET THIS ONE NOW.

Track 04: Nora En Pure's "Stockholm Tears"
I love those tracks that could be either uptempo, or listed as "deep" or "chillout", and this is definitely one to have in your library. It's infectious, yet sleek, and those keys?!? You'll be humming them long after the track is over. You could drive up or down the coast in this one with roof down. Definitely a sunkissed mover of a track! Nora En Pure at it again! Classic.

Track 06: Peter Brown's "Funkosphere"
Here is one of those amazing tracks that you stumble across while digging, and what sets this track apart is the insane flute that is going on in the background, that adds that 1970's disco feel, and the diva-like vocal sample that fills the space? So well placed! Just listening to the track immediately removes any negativity that happens to be rattling around in the 'ol noggin here! This is a "let's get happy and dance" kind of track. You better click that link now, THIS IS GOLD!

Track 15: The Engineer's "Sect"
Okay okay, so this seems like shameless promotion, right? Well, when you've written a song that you feel sits among the tracks of producers you admire, you'd want to talk about it too! The track has gotten some UK airplay, and DJs on the promo list had a lot of great things to say about Sect. Get your copy, add it to your sets, and let me know how well it fits for you! Stay tuned, as there's more new tracks coming soon!