SEPTEMBER 2017 — Episode 31


# Artist Track Name Time
01 Alfred Azzetto, Ian Carrera Music Selecta (Ian Carrera Club Mix) 00:00
02 Croatia Squad, Me & My Toothbrush Scream for Pleasure 06:45
03 Block & Crown Come On Shake It 11:56
04 Popcorn Poppers Jack To Our Beats 17:07
05 Block & Crown, Pete Rose The 4 Letter Word (Soul) 21:46
06 Max & Sims Sunshine 25:54
07 Peter Brown Dancin' 29:00
08 Angelo Ferreri The Rule (Jackin' Mix) 34:07
09 Demarkus Lewis Wanna Talk 2 U 39:30
10 DJ Threejay Higher Baby 43:33
11 Mick Teck God Likes To Watch 48:07
12 White Noize Freak It 52:56
13 Hazzaro Love Like This 57:47
14 Alex Fioretti Fantasy 61:35
15 Carlos Manaca Mental State 66:47
16 Bot, Will Clarke Techno (not Techno) (Solardo Remix) 73:39
17 Alex Sardrino, Jennifer Cooke, Carita La Nina Permission Granted 79:30
18 Criss Source Hugs 'n' Kisses (Kenny Ground Remix) 86:30

Hello all! The Engineer here, back with another mix for you. Now this one is special, because it was recorded in Ibiza, Spain! For those who are new to the BUDDHA BEATS show, this is a monthly show of funky/jackin house, tech house, techno, and sometimes breaks and electro to help shape the story, so to speak.

I was asked by fellow DJ, Hesh Donnerstag if I would be interested in gigging with him over in Ibiza, and I couldn't believe my ears. After all this time of reading about these monstrous parties there, the incredible sunsets, the people, the vibe, and the food, how could I not go? I went there as a local DJ, and came back an international one!

This mix was the first gig I had at Bar Amsterdam in San Antonio, one of my newest, and coolest friends from Philly who came on the trip, Khaleel "Funkboy" Mason went on before me, and I began recording the second I went on. The recorder I use is Evermix's MixBox 2. This has been one of the best investments I've made for my DJ career, as this device, coupled with an iPod Touch will record your sets in Airplane mode to keep battery drain to an all-time low.

I learned a great deal on this trip, and it has definitely made me a better DJ, having to learn how to quickly get used to gear I've never played on (some equipment was older, some was up-to-date), and be as seamless as possible. These are things I practice at home, but add the anxiety of being in Ibiza — the nightlife mecca — and playing for people who may be well connected, or someone famous could walk in at any moment. But regardless, I'm there, and I'm there to rock the party.

And rock the spot, I did.

A BIG thanks and much love to Carrie Anne, Hesh, Khaleel, Maggie, Darran, Ophelia, Mario, Andreas, Ollie, MaryEllen, Sanjay, Cosi, Jamaai, Wendy, and Seb from Antwerp, the employees of Bar Amsterdam, Viva! Nightclub, Mumak Tropical Bar, and Aperture Hotel for allowing me to put my thing down on the decks. I would love to come back again next year, and bring friends! I hope to hear from you all soon!

Brian K. James // The Engineer