NOVEMBER 2017 — Episode 33


# Artist Track Name Time
01 Kolsch Gra (Original Mix) 00:00
02 Fer BR Acidized (Original Mix) 06:16
03 Konstantinus Aticifobia (Original Mix) 12:35
04 Helen Brown Absolute Power (Original Mix) 18:46
05 Enrico Sangiuliano Alone With The Bitch (Original Mix) 23:33
06 Boris Be (Original Mix) 29:34
07 Samuel L. Session Can You Relate (Original Mix) 35:12
08 Project AKC Daybreak (Original Mix) 40:01
09 Pascal Nuzzo Infinite (Original Mix) 45:30
10 Plastikman EXposed (Dubfire Remix) 50:07
11 Andy Roll Laager (Original Mix) 58:57
12 Marco Piangiamore System V (Original Mix) 64:00
13 Maelstrom Adversarial Design (Original Mix) 67:37
14 SHDW & Obscure Shape Wenn die Masken fallen (Rodhad Remix) 73:39
15 Faberlique Sleep Blind (Makarti Remix) 77:28

Episode 33's mix is all about TECHNO. The sound of it, the emotions it has, and how even just the subtleties found in most techno music can change the song completely without losing the beat. More often than not, people that I've come across say they don't like techno. When I hear this, I challenge them by asking what is it that they don't like about it. The answers range from "I can't sing along to it", to "It's just noise", and the one I can't stand, "Techno has no soul." Ouch.

Maybe for them it doesn't, but for me, I feel the soul of techno is in its presentation of sound/noise/effects at their most stark, and then hearing it's evolution by bringing in new sounds, or morphing of the current ones either by changing it's patterns, or modifying the sound of the notes over time. You can nerd out on this article for more insight. Truth be told, it's my favorite genre of dance music. Thank the early rave scene days back in the late 80's into the 90's for this.

In this mix, I was shooting for a "Blade Runner meets Chris Liebing and Nicole Moudaber at TimeWarp"-kind of feel. I really wanted to take you on the best techno journey I could this month, and after listening to this mix at least half a dozen times, I can safely say I surpassed my own expectations. I would love to hear what you think of this mix, so please email me, message me on Facebook, Instagram, text, however you can, and let me know what your thoughts are on this one. Enough of me blathering on, let's get into this mix.

Track 01: Kolsch's "Gra"
Taken from his album "1989", this track has that "Blade Runner" feel that I love so much. The synth work and the horns during the breakdown, are downright blissfully tear-jerking. When it comes back, your hands are in the air. If there was someone other than Hans Zimmer to compose whatever the next Blade Runner story is, they had better listen to this. I opened our mix with this track, but I could see closing out a set with it too. ABSOLUTE PERFECTION. Get your copy now.

Track 07: Samuel L. Session's "Can You Relate"
I just about lost my mind when I heard this track. That ultra-low subby thud for the kick drum is going to fill the room with sound and vibrations (meaning: your windows will vibrate violently)! The vox in the track asks some really interesting questions: What happened to the funk? What happened to the music? What happened to the underground? Yeah...I'd love to know too! While we await those answers, I'm going to dance myself silly to this insanely addictive track! Heads up DJs! Get this in your libraries! Very well done Samuel! I'll be keeping my ears out for more of your work, especially if it's anything like THIS!

Track 12: Marco Piangiamore's "System V"
This track is so darkly sweet, and rightfuly so that it should come from Marco, on his SKYNET label. Hailing from Italy, SKYNET has been dropping terminator-like tracks that decimate any floor they get in front of. Not for the meek. Gear up, this ride will take you straight to the darkness. Well done Marco! If you don't have any of Marco's tracks in your techno playlists, stop now and just go get them. Guaranteed to bring your audiences into pointing out John Connor! Sorry.. couldn't resist! GO GET THIS NOW.

Track 15: Faberlique's "Sleep Blind" (Makarti Remix)
If I had written this (my god, just the thought of that...), I may have called this "Eleven meets a Replicant", due to the sounds used in this piece. It's full of amazingly well put together contrasts: dark yet dreamy, clausterphobically distant... Wow. Just WOW. I thought it only fitting for it to be the closing track to my whole "what a techno nightclub in Blade Runner" would be like on a Saturday night. I will be on the look-out for more from Faberlique, thats for damn sure!

So, I hope you enjoy this mix as much as I did making it, I spent an extra week tracking down the music I wanted for it in between writing new music, and working on getting a solid streaming rig together. A big thanks to all the DJs and producers who are out there filling those dance floors, and keeping people happily gyrating, jumping, and fist-pumping. There's so much more coming, and when the time comes, I will let you all know. I'm gonna go now, otherwise I might spill the beans. Take care, help others when you can, and I will see you all soon! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Brian K. James // The Engineer