FEBRUARY 2018 — Episode 36


# Artist Track Name
01 DJ Dozia Pop Culture (Original Mix)
02 Lil' Mo' Ying Yang Reach ("Little" "More" Mix)
03 Mario Piu Communication (Moremix)
04 Sia vs. Different Gear Drink To Get Drunk (Original Mix)
05 Cevin Fisher, Heller & Farley We Built This House (Fire Island Mix)
06 Claude Von Stroke Vocal Chords (DJ Mix)
07 Catchment You Got It (Extended Mix)
08 Gary Caos Smoke Everyday (Original Mix)
09 Chris Bernhardt Miami Nights (Club Mix)
10 Afrojack Polkadots 2010 (Olver Twizt Remix)
11 Hardrive Deep Inside (Original Mix)
12 Johnny Corporate Sunday Shoutin' (Original Mix)
13 The Goodmen Give It Up! (Original Mix)

Episode 36's mix is a trip down Memory Lane for house-heads worldwide. This mix is all about getting on the floor and sweating it up.

WARNING: You WILL be dancing at some point during this mix. Don't plan on sitting still while listening, or getting anything done. I'm not bragging, I'm really letting you know that this is going to get you up out of your seat, and start dancing. You have been warned.

If it doesn't, I don't know what to tell you.

The timeframe for the tracks in this mix go as far back as 1992 through 2018. Yes, really. There's stuff in here you may have never heard before, but once you do, you'll want to track it down. Not to worry, I took care of that with the links above. This mix was recorded for House Junkies TV on Facebook LIVE on February 22nd for Khaleel's Underground Expressions show, for which I handle the technical side of his show, Webcam, streaming software, the visuals, and recording of both the audio and video. Khaleel and I met on our first trip to Ibiza, and we made a point to make sure we got together to work on DJing together, and helping one another move forward.

The result was an on-the-fly classic house set that'll have house-heads of old, and new house-heads grabbing their phones looking to Shazam these tracks, only to find that they can't stop dancing long enough to focus on the little screen. GOOD. Put the phone away, get this mix on, and hit that dance floor. It's time to get into this mix!

Track 01: DJ Dozia's "Pop Culture"
I have personally known Dozia for a long, long time. I first met him at Silk City, when he and King Britt were throwing their "Back To Basics" party (still listed as one of the longest running parties in Philly's nightclub history — 7.5 years!), and when they were bringing in talent who at the time were up and coming, and how are house music legends. One night, Dozia was playing at Palmer Social Club (now called "Trilogy"), and he dropped Pop Culture on an unsuspecting crowd. The place light up brighter than Christmas! People came from the other two floors to find out what everyone was going on about, and the room immediately packed solid. This was 1998, and this was and IS, the house sound of Philadelphia! Love you Doz! Thank you for all the amazing memories, and I hope to create some for you some day soon!

Track 04: Sia vs. Different Gear "Drink To Get Drunk"
How many times have you tried to find that "puzzle piece" kind of track, that track that so effectively links different styles, but can also keep your audience interested? Well, for those who just learned about Sia in the last two years, she's been producing for over 20 years, and this is a gem I heard back in early 2001. This track is SO RARE. The link above is the only place I've seen that has a listing for it at all. It was just as hot in 2001, and still hard has hell to find. But, it'll fill a dance floor with those who recognize the voice, the beat is insanely infectious. If you get it, find a place in your mixes for it, guaranteed HEART STOPPIN', HEAD BOBBIN', RUMP SHAKIN' masterpiece! A DJ MUST HAVE!!

Track 07: Catchment's "You Got It"
Anyone here remember Lady Sovreign? I really loved her raps, especially that UK cadence. So, you can imagine to my surprise when I stumbled across this one! It's not her, but it's got that UK cadence I love, and one I will be keeping this one in my crates! People really responded when I dropped this on Facebook the other day. It's like 2-step and Jackin' House styles had a kid! The vocal (for me anyway) is hypnotic, sexy, and funny, and the bass line is has a thick bottom end that'll rattle your windows. Do NOT pass this track up. You'll find a place in your mixes for it, and if nothing else, people who may have wandered into your house night, expecting Hip-Hop, may very well stay for a bit! This is a good secret weapon to keep in your arsenal. While this is a recent release, it'll be one of those super-rare classics later on, so click that link, and get yours!

Track 13: The Goodmen — "Give It Up!" (Original Mix)
The year was 1992. Sound Garden Hall, used to be a club called Egypt back then, and Robbie Tronco was rockin' the decks there on Friday nights. It was THE spot on Delaware Avenue, and Robbie was making us all sweat and work for it. He dropped this, and my friends Chris, Mike, Tom and myself got in a line and threw down like our lives depended on it! Everyone quickly followed us, as we danced ourselves silly, smiling, tears of joy, raised hands, a real sense of unity was felt on those dance floors then. It's way past time that that feeling comes back. This was an international club hit for FOUR YEARS STRAIGHT. Anyone who has heard that track will drag someone who hasn't on to the floor immediately. I made this the closing track, because it'll be the one that sticks in your head the longest. If you can find it, get it into your crates. You'll be so happy you did. If I hear you play it, and I'm on the floor, I'm going to come thank you at the end of your set. Believe that.

I had SO much fun spinning this mix. How much fun? Wanna see? Click here. Khaleel has the first hour, and I come on right after that. Underground Expressions comes on every Thursday at 11AM, and we rock it through your lunch break until 1PM. All I ask is that you share this mix, the show links from House Junkies, and join Khaleel and I in spreading the vibe. Also, if you sign up for the Daibutsu Music Newsletter, you'll be first in the knowing of where the BUDDHA BEATS: Year Three party will be taking place. You DO NOT want to miss that. Lots of "Amazing things coming your way soon!" Wow. That fortune cookie was right! See you next month!


Brian K. James // The Engineer